Latinos and Media Project

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Latinos and Media Project
Welcome to the Latinos and Media Project (LaMP) Web site.

The mission of this site is to serve as a guiding light for information and resources about a variety of issues related to Latinos and the Media; and Highlight people, media, organizations, institutions, and events that illustrate the growth of Latinos in various communication arenas in the United States, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

The Latinos and Media Project is directed by Professor Federico Subervi and is based at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Texas State University-San Marcos. It is undergoing an update thanks to funding from the Ford Foundation.

The LaMP was launched in 1997 thanks to a seed grant by the National Council of La Raza and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, when Professor Subervi worked at the University of Texas at Austin.

While the mission of the Latinos and Media Project is inclusive and broad, the content is still being developed and updated. As the project grows, so will the materials that it provides. The site is divided into four main sections. Below is a summary of the content of these and their purpose.


About Dr. Federico Subervi

Dr. Federico Subervi is Full Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Media & Markets at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Texas State University-San Marcos.  Since the early 1980s, he has been conducting research, publishing and teaching on a broad range of issues related to the mass media and ethnic minorities, especially Latinos in the United States. He is the editor and an author of the book The Mass Media and Latino Politic.  Studies of U.S. Media Content, Campaign Strategies and Survey Research: 1984-2004 (NY: Routledge, 2008).

Currently, Dr. Subervi is the Principal Investigator of a national survey of the working conditions, professional challenges, and development goals of Latino journalists. In 2010, he authored a report entitled “An Achilles Heel in Emergency Communications: The Deplorable Policies and Practices Pertaining to Non-English Speaking Populations." The project was made possible thanks to a grant from the McCormick Foundation. From 2006-2008, he directed two research projects, one funded by the Ford Foundation, the other by the Social Science Research Council, which analyzed the diversity of Latino-oriented media in Central Texas.



The launch of the Latinos and Media Web site was made possible thanks to a seed grant by the National Council of La Raza and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Now, LaMP needs your help to continue its work.

  • First, if you like what you see here, please tell others about this site. If you don't, please do not hesitate to share constructive feedback.
  • Second, bring to our attention materials that could be added, including other web sites that should be linked, to some section of the LAMP web site.
  • Third, consider becoming a sponsor, through scholarships and/or other forms of donations (by way of The Latinos and Media Project, currently applying for non-profit status) to assist the students who make LAMP possible.

For more information regarding development and sponsorship opportunities to sponsor the Latinos and Media Project Web site and research activities, please contact us.